NipPerfect Personal Protective Equipment

Introducing the world’s first wearable technology mask from our partner, Wearable Tech™. This eco-friendly, sustainably sourced mask is the intersect of comfort (breathable inner cotton layer) and protection (outer water resistant layer). Currently available in gray only.

Some of you may know that our Founder/CEO Renae created a mask company this spring after realizing there were very few “safe” masks options. Did you know often times fabrics are finished with formaldehyde and other harmful toxins?! Yikes — and we don’t yet know the long term effects of inhaling those toxins. Many masks are also not made in a way that is “breathable” causing so many of us to experience breakouts around the parts of our face that are covered by our masks. As a “clean” solution, Renae co-founded Wearable & Tech to bring a mask to market that is comfortable, sustainably & ethically manufactured, washable, & certified to be free of any known toxins. The outer layer is water-resistant and the inner layer is breathable cotton. Ha, yes, you are right, there is a theme here. Clean living is a top priority for Renae because as you know, all NipPerfect products are vegan, sustainably & ethically sourced & packaged and free of any synthetic ingredients, colors or fragrances. Now you’ll have two ways to protect your lips: nourish and add color with NipPerfect & protect with a mask!