NipPerfect Gift Card $25


Want a super-fun, unique gift but don’t know which color/lip product to give? How about a NipLips™ gift card!  Easy to use on the here on the NipLips™ website or in the App.

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You can use our gift cards for any of our clean beauty products including, but not limited to, cruelty free lipsticks, organic lip scrub, vegan lip masks and nourishing & replenishing lip serums.

Organic Lip Products

Our organic lip products include lipsticks, vegan lip masks, scrubs and serums are made from minimally processed, nourishing, non toxic ingredients formulated to transform your lips!

Our vegan lip scrub uses crushed corundum crystals which gently yet effectively  buff away dry skin and create microtears that stimulate collagen production. Next step is to heal and detoxify with our vegan lip mask which uses fresh crushed aloe, kaolin clay & hyaluronic acid.  Final step is to apply our lip serums which hydrate, plump and seal all this goodness into your beautiful lips!

Now your lips are ready for our amazing, nourishing lipsticks.  The high quality, natural ingredients in our cruelty free lipstick give you a beautiful pop of color. Sustainably sourced and packaged, our lipsticks and lip care products are one of the top clean beauty brands emerging in the US.