Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance your authentic beauty by combining nature’s cues with technology in a cosmetic line that is good for you, our environment and our communities.

How We Came To Be

Some say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but let’s get real: lipstick is a girl’s best friend! After all, lipstick has the power to transform the way we see ourselves. It can make us feel fun and flirty one moment and sexy and powerful the next. It can give us a fresh summer glow on demand or position us to light up the room with the perfect amount of va va va voom.

So, guess what, your perfect lipstick shade has nothing to do with what the celebrities are wearing, nor does it have anything to do with the color trends of any given season. Your perfect lipstick shade has everything to do with…your nipples. That’s right. I said it.

I must admit, I didn’t always know this beauty secret, though it is fairly well known by makeup artists in Hollywood. In fact, check out where the concept came from:


I learned it from my teenage daughter, Helena. I was driving her home from school when she let me in on this powerful bit of truth. Of course, curiosity quickly got the best of me and upon returning home, I stood in front of the mirror, examining my body and the contents of my makeup drawer, trying to find a link between the two (which come to find out is much easier said than done.) That’s why Helena and I created NipLips. Because finding a lipstick shade that makes you feel and look authentically beautiful should not be this hard!


Why We Support Women’s Causes

I have lost two precious women in my family to diseases that took their lives too soon. The first to breast cancer. The second to heart disease that revealed itself after a brutal fight with ovarian cancer. BTW, did you know the number one cause of death in women is heart disease?  Our symptoms present differently than men often taking longer to diagnose.   

So, to honor our differences as women from men and to recognize the courage, strength and the legacy of love these beautiful women have left behind, we’re on a mission to support the research needed to extend the lives of everyone, but with an emphasis on the “sheroes”–the women we deeply love and share life with on a daily basis. Like they say, “girls gotta stick together.” Why not do it through lipstick? 

A Woman in A Man’s World

Over the course of more than 25 years, I have developed and commercialized medical device technologies-A male-dominated industry. I have been the only executive-level female in the boardroom more times than I care to count. While I’ve had the privilege of working alongside some brilliant men, the truth is, earning respect from my boardroom peers has not always been easy. In fact, I struggled to confidently share my voice for years. Have you ever been in an environment where you struggled to contribute at your highest level? One where you knew you were showing up as someone less than your authentic, beautiful self? I get it. I so get it. NipLips empowers you to stand in your feminine strength. All of it.


The Truth. And Nothing but The Truth 

Who better to resonate the truth than nature itself?  Look outside.  Notice the colors, textures and perfection nature brings to our life.  It is always authentically, beautifully itself.  It doesn’t look to trends in media or celebrities to define itself, and neither should you!  You are beautiful! You have a voice! It may be small, just a whisper.  Or loud and ready to roar. Or perhaps somewhere in between. Just know, your voice matters! And your lip color matters, too. In fact, research suggests women who wear lipstick are perceived as being more confident and competent.  

Want to be perceived as the remarkable woman you really are? Click here to access the NipLips app and find your perfect color today.  

 To Beautiful, Authentic You! 

 Renae & Helena 

Why does this work?

Honestly I am not 100% sure—but it does! I think it may be a biological phenomenon. Breasts/nipples are natures sexual and nurturing cues. If you think about it, they look like a bullseye. Maybe that helps a nursing infant find its way to milk and/or a signal a romantic partner one’s fertility?

What I do know is that ~85% of the women love their lipstick matching their nipple color. 100% loved dialing the color up one shade darker. Cave people didn’t wear clothes so I am guessing the sun naturally darkened their nipples, accentuating them. Modern society covers them (except in Europe on the beach!) so nipples remain lighter in color. Dialing it up a notch probably more accurately reflects our innate biological programming in terms of attraction. We offer the option to “dial it up a notch” and explore other close matches with the NipLips™ App.

The other thing we’ve discovered is that nipple color changes. Not just with hormone fluctuations, but also after exercise, when your cold, hot, etc. Lighting has a big effect too. Take your nipple color in different lighting, and throughout the day. It will definitely change!  Before ordering ask yourself, what type of look am I going for? Just worked out and am headed to a romantic dinner with my boyfriend?  Spending the day outside hiking? Or I want it all!! Let us help you create that look.

We're Different

NipLips empowers you to look good, feel good and do good, all at the same time! It gives you the ability to enhance your natural beauty by tapping into the power of nature (your nipples) AND technology (artificial intelligence via our App) to make the perfect color match, every time.   Not only are we committed to empowering your natural beauty, we are also passionate about protecting the environment and giving back to our communities & women-focused causes. Definitely unlike any other lipstick you’ve worn before!  So, here’s our commitment to you:

The NipLips Team

Ali Wood Moser

Brand Ambassador

Ali Wood Moser is a NipLips™ Brand Ambassador with a passion for empowering women and educating others about what goes inside of their personal care products. When she first heard about NipLips and what the company stood for, she was eager to align herself with a brand that so closely matched her own personal values and passions. These included NipLip’s commitment to eco-friendly packaging, formulating with integrity, and using the product as a catalyst to spur a larger and more relevant conversation on topics like natural beauty, female empowerment, and even breast cancer. Ali is also a working actress with experience as a YouTube channel host, offering a specific background in product promotion and growth through numerous social media platforms. To see more for yourself, follow her on Instagram @hollyaliwood!

Tierra Owens

Brand Ambassador

DJ Mother Tierra is a local Tucson DJ who has been DJing for ten years in the downtown club scene. Her music consists of House, EDM, hip hop and R&B to name a few. She is also a vintage clothing collector and fashion designer. Why I am a NipLips™ brand ambassador, “I love that it’s a product that gives a natural look as oppose to heavier makeup. I also love that it is vegan, eco-friendly and chemical free! Leaving a comfortable feeling to my conscience when I purchase, also that part of my purchase goes to women’s causes.”

Renae Moomjian


My career for close to 30 years has been developing, leading and commercializing healthcare solutions, which includes efforts nationally & globally advocating for patient welfare & safety. While I have no experience in the cosmetic industry, I have a strong passion to help others and impact their lives in a positive manner. Whether it’s bringing a new healthcare solution to solve clinical problems, or in this case a cosmetic line that is good for you, the environment and our communities, my commitment is to empower people.

That’s where NipLips™ comes in. We are more than a cosmetic company; we are building a community that inspires YOU to discover YOUR authentic beauty; whatever that means to YOU and I am deeply grateful to all who have contributed their heart-felt efforts thus far.

I believe that part of authentic beauty comes from using products sourced responsibly, straight from nature, 100% vegan and no animal testing. I also think it comes from choosing a product line whose packaging is eco-friendly and who donates to under-served causes. That’s Us! And guess what, with NipLips you not only get a personalized beautiful lipstick, you also get to choose where a percent of profit from your purchase goes.

I believe If we surrender to our true selves, authentic beauty emerges. Now that’s empowering!

Here’s to Beautiful, Authentic YOU!